“You've made yourself heard in every way – from sharing videos to posting opinions, commenting, liking... Now it's time to take action and decide what you want the future of America to be. Go to the polls and vote IRL." – Barack Obama

11 Million Views. 2 Billion Impressions. 200+ Celebrities Volunteered.


“YouTube's campaign aims to turn up the volume on girl power in honor of International Women's Day.” – AdAge

45 Million Views. 1.2 Billion Impressions. Google Homepage Placement.


“To celebrate International Women’s Day, YouTube has launched a campaign urging women to share advice they would give to their younger selves.” – Good Morning America

5 Million Views. 24 hour organic global twitter trend. 175k mentions.

YouTube Gaming

After five years as their social agency of record, YouTube approached us to launch their premiere destination for gaming content. Our remit? Use our social, cultural and gaming expertise to capture the hearts of gamers.

Fastest-growing, most engaged gaming handle on Twitter.

Skittles: Experience the Rainbow

“Has Skittles’ social media manager inhaled the Rainbow?” – Mashable
“What the hell is going on with the Skittles Facebook Page?” – Buzzfeed

+25 Million Fans. Highest Engagement Rate on Facebook. Most Liked FB Post of All Time.

Second Skin Documentary

"I was blown away -- by turns touching and funny, and always fascinating, this is a loving but clear-eyed look at the relationship of gamers to their games." – Cory Doctorow

One of the all-time best video game documentaries. – Buzzfeed, Complex, AMC, Heavy, RedBull